Help with press ID please

A friend contacted me to inquire if I might be interested in a small shop located in his parents basement. I’m going to look at it on Saturday but would like to know ahead of time the feasibility of moving all of the equipment out of the basement. I know what most of the equipment is and its approximate weight but I don’t recognize this press. It had the ‘lyre’ roller arms like a Golding but seems like a beefier press. The owners Son guessed it was a 9x12 (maybe an 8x12?) Any help would be greatly appreciated
Whistle Pig Press

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Golding Jobber No. 6 or No. 7

Yep. If it’s 8 x 12, it’s a Jobber No. 6. If it’s 10 x 15, it’s a No. 7. We have a No. 7 in our shed/shop. The Jobbers are gorgeous and extremely capable presses. It’s definitely worth looking at. If it’s in reasonably decent shape and priced well, snatch it up!

Michael Hurley
Titivilus Press
Memphis, TN

Thanks everyone
I was trying to verify the make/model more for the weight, I already have a lovely 8x12 OS C&P so unless it’s a 10x15 in excellent shape I’ll probably rehome it. The owners were talking about scrapping everything so I’d like to save most if not all of it and sell what I can’t use.

I have a #6 and it’s a great press. I think it weighs about 1000 pounds.
If you decide to part this press out I would be interested in the roller hooks and the nameplate. Maybe more. But to be honest, I think some one would love to have the press as is.

I had one years ago and let it go. Great press and would love to have another. Where are you? Bob

John Falstrom has informed me that it is indeed a Golding Jobber #7, came off of the line in December 1909.
George - I definitely won’t be parting this press out! If I take it in I’ll probably have to part with my C&P 8x12 OS, I’d love to keep them both but I just don’t have the space!
Bob - I’m in Western Massachusetts, if I decide not to keep it it will definitely be listed here on Briar Press first!