Autovic motor mount

Hi all
We have a sadly underused Autovic, which was donated to us a number of years ago, has been worked on and set up, and which I plan to start using regularly.. but it has a minor problem in that the motor isn’t mounted as securely as we’d like.
We had someone make a mount using 2x4” timber, which works OK - but is just temporary.
I have seen that these presses sometimes have the original motor mount.. but ours sadly doesn’t.
Does anyone know who moght be able to help: is it something we’re likely going to have to get made from scratch?
Thanks in advance

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Might be worth contacting Patrick Roe at The Logan Press????
Otherwise Rochat to get one cast or fabricated? I see Autovic was an ebay couple days ago starting at £12.50-refurbished in Stroud.