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I have just acquired a Vandercook proof press I believe to be a sp15? Does anyone know if there is a manual on line that I can download so I can know how to operate it? Also, I couldn’t find a serial number. Does anyone know where it might be located? If there is any information other than the manual I would appreciate it. Thanks, Larry

image: SP15_1.jpg


image: SP15_2.jpg


image: SP15_3.jpg


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This is a Universal I. The serial number is stamped in the bed bearer (the rail) at the right end of the bed on the operator’s side. Once you locate it please share it with me and I will add this press to the census.

Fritz Klinke at NAGraphics can supply you with a manual…

Thanks for the advice. I will look for the serial number. I will contact Fritz Kline to see if he has a manual. Thanks