Challenge Proof Press in St Paul MN $500

I have a really nice Challenge model proof press here on the shop floor. We don’t use it much these days so we’ve decided to pass it on to someone interested in diving into the art. This press has a Challenge logo as well as a Perfection Type emblem from previous ownership. It really is a nice little machine to have some fun with.

The press bed is approx. 15x30. The press is fully functional and ready for it’s new home. You slide the drum across the face of the sheet to create your relief print. Creates posters, prints or pretty much whatever you can think of.

This press will easily load into the back of a pick up truck.

Many thanks -

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image: 00e0e_9aibRSm2Feo_600x450.jpg


image: 00h0h_8iM5rqc1Ebe_600x450.jpg