Letterpress start-up shop - press, cutter, and more

Letting go of my letterpress printshop. Took many years to put it together. Vintage platen press, paper cutter, composing table, and misc items.

The press is a classic 1902 Chandler and Price Old Style 10 x 15. Runs on a 110-volt motor. Good rollers and several chases.

The paper cutter is a Reliance floor model with 23 inch cutting area. Sharp blade recently installed.

The composing table is an antique wooden cabinet with stainless steel composing area; has drawers. This was in a print shop in Denver around 1920.

Also: Spinnet hole driller, as seen in the picture. Composing stick, quoins, furniture, and various miscellaneous things.

Dropping price for all these items: $1750. Located in Windsor, Colorado. Will consider selling items individually, make me an offer on what you want.

Sorry to to see it all go, but am moving soon so priced to go. email or call - it’s a land line so no texts, but you can leave a message. John 970 686 5325

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