Challenge “Hump Back” Paper Cutter - $600

Oldie but a Goodie - this is a Challenge “hump back” Paper cutter. The bed is right in the neighborhood of 23” wide. The cutter will plow through approx 2-3” stacks of paper depending on the thickness. Cuts clean and true. Includes 3 blades. This was refurbished about 4 years ago and it’s been kept in clean functioning order ever sense. Backlash in the advance screw is still very tolerable as well.

This is also know as a lever cutter, guillotine cutter, or stack cutter. We’ve run this little cutter in the back of our shop for years without a lick of trouble.

Can be disassembled or placed on a pallet. Thanks

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image: 00Z0Z_bhw7uDIvKBI_600x450.jpg


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