San Francisco Studio Seeking New Members

Calling all artists, healers, and activists:

Open Windows’ is a safe space, community space and creative space. Located in the Bayview district of San Francisco, we offer letterpress and bookbinding facilities, and hold sacred space for ritual and contemplation. We’re committed to open sharing of ideas, skills, and support.

We are seeking up to 2 new members to share the space with us on a longer-term basis. As our name suggests, we are a cooperative in that we work together towards a common goal. People of every gender, color, orientation, origin, and faith are welcome.

The available personal space is 14’x7’ with a large window and 20’ ceilings. Total rent including liability insurance and utilities is $350 if we find 2 people, or $500 if you’d like the space to yourself.

We want to emphasize that this is a very sacred space for us where we can explore contemplative practices like ritual, meditation, art, movement, connecting with nature, and anything else we are into at that moment.

In this painful time, we are feeling more committed than ever to using our energy to take action, and empowering ourselves and each other in whatever ways we can. We hope to establish a flat-file program, a workshop series, and community events. We are excited and open to any ideas you may have about how we can use the space in a way that benefits the community!

In terms of facilities, we have a fully functional letterpress and bookbinding studio on one side and more personal (although still shared) space on the other. We are blessed with tall ceilings and lots of windows with a view of the bay. There is a washout sink down the hall.

If you want to get involved in any way, please reach out to us. Things we’d like to know about you are:

(a) something about your personal/spiritual background;
(b) your personal practice(s), whether it be art, healing, organizing, etc., and how that might take shape in the space;
(c) what you have to offer and what you’re interested in learning more about; and
(d) how you envision giving back to or building community (in the space and/or at large).

Looking forward to connecting with you kindred spirits!

— Alexandra and Ava, Open Windows Cooperative
For photos:
[email protected]

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