Trying figure out how to outfit a C & P or Vandercook for diecutting, have no idea where to begin.
Any tips would be of use…

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I think you should be able purchase a die cutting jacket for a Vandercook from NA Graphics.

The C&P will need a die cutting jacket also which any number of suppliers on this list can help you with. See Yellow Pages.

As for die cutting on a Vandercook, I wouldn’t. I would leave it to a Platen press.

For a test on Vander cook
Main point - move slowly to get first cut heights.
1) Use 0.918” only (Type High) Knife. If need I can recommend an appropriate diemaker
2) alternate to a cutting jacket - wrap the cylinder with 0.014” Mylar A instead of a steel or paper jacket
3) Lock up die in the chase using quoin jack
4) fist use NO packing under the die or under the jacet
5) slowly build up using shim