WINDMILL - Strange noise and vibration on closing platen

Hi Everybody,

I bought really dirty windmill press, cleaned it and oiled.
Have changed drive belt and ran the press.

Here is the problem - on impression it makes noise and vibrate like a bear. Its not so noisy on the video but in real it makes noise and vibrate really bad.

Noise more audible on front side. From the back of the press there are no wrong noises.

Strange that with half closed clutch press works less noisy.

Maybe someone faced with such problem and found solution to eliminate this noise and vibration?
Any suggestions?

Thank you

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Sounds pretty good, even listening with headphones.

Most windmills I have heard, have some “rrrrum, rrrrum, rrrrum” with the meshing of the big gears. Vibration in the same pattern is typical.

Sometimes that sound resonates into the ink drum and makes it ring a bit, too.

I would not worry, unless this recording is not a good representation… in which case, some professional recording gear might help.

Some ideas-
You did a really great job of cleaning this press-did you get the inside of the press as well?
Half closed clutch; press would not run at full speed, so less noise…
Is your floor solid?I’ve seen a windmill on a old wood floor-lots of gear noise & vibration from a loose floor.
The ink drum can create a lot of noise; make sure that’s well lubed - I use 80 wt marine oil.
Good luck!

Press sounds normal, It’s a newer one. It has lock outs. It will run much quieter than a black ball. Something maybe magnifying the sound. But for the most part. I’d just keep it oiled good and clean.
Be really careful with this press it can pop you like a grapefruit and keep on going. Always have the fear and respect for this press. I tell newbies to wear a baseball cap. IF you get too close to the grippers, it will hit the bill of your cap first and not gash your forehead. I always keep oil dry around the bottom of my press and oil it good. Oil is cheaper than a press.

I noticed a couple hoses are still not hooked up and a few other things not on the press. A few of these items will give you for sure a different noise while running than a normal running machine. But would say the main noise is pretty normal sounding. Keep oiling it and doing just what your doing, light running it will help oil get into places it hasn’t for a long time. Spray oil (NOT WD40) is another good item to cover moving area’s with, and run it for a bit….spray more onto the area. It’s easy to wipe up and will get into places heavier oils won’t. BUT…you still need the heavy oil on this press, don’t replace regular oiling with spray oil. Your press looks nice, great job cleaning on it!!!! Steve

Thank you guys for all advices. Really appreciate that.

I have oiled all oiling points. I have changed drive belt because press comes with extremely worn-out belt.
Seems that inking drum runs quietly, vibration mostly feels on the platen, even floor vibrates. The rhythm of the roaring noise is matched with the moving the platen on (on impression). I grabbed the platen (in the top) and tried to tugging back and forth. It feels stable, no clucking. Press is on concrete floor.

Any ideas whats wrong with this press?

Thank you

Have you checked the impression ring in the back of the press? If it’s cracked it may cause noise when its on impression. By the way, how does the press print? Good quality or not? I checked your website—very nice. Anyway, hope this helps, Merry Christmas

impression ring on the back is ok (I have checked it firstly). Press prints ok, but this sound is really annoying. Seems that some of gears are vibrates and those vibrations goes to the inking drum.