Old galley page proofer with a VERY heavy roller

Does anyone know what this is worth or who would want to buy it? Trouble with image. Email me and I will send a few pics.

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Perhaps key in to Google, or Whatever *Galley Proof Press* with luck and You hit the appropriate site, the first shots/pics show at 3 & 4 (landscape) - - - If Yours is similar to the one at shot 3/4 compare closely. Some few months back one similar changed hands for more than £500 Sterling,! better than $600 U.S. Dollars, Approx. Did not even make it to E bay… That was cheap but stayed within the (revival) trade.

The author used the same style, for 6 years on apprenticeship and then another 20+ yrs. exclusively for proofing *Monotype* end product, simple although Hand Inked, but good First Proofs, every time with long intervals between Packing(s)

If it will be for sale? perhaps Post On Briar Press first, give the Genuine enthusiast,s a chance.! … . Good Luck Mick.