Chandler and Price C&P 10X15 Old Style Letterpress printing

For Sale: Chandler and Price C&P 10X15 old style letterpress printing press with original treadle. This letterpress is in very good working order and comes with a bunch of extra supplies including a boxcar aluminum base, two chases, miscellaneous metal type, blocks and locks, ink, and whatever else I can find laying around. I fully restored this press in 2009 with a lot of sweat, tears and elbow grease and ran it almost daily until 2012. I am no longer able to give it the time and love that it deserves and would love to see it go to a good home. It has only two rollers that are in great working order and do the job. It sits on a nice sturdy pallet and has a riser/platform that will lift you up to a comfortable, matching height if you would like it.

Please help me blow the dust off this gem. This item is located in Saginaw, Michigan and is pick-up only. We can help load it up and send you off, but any type of delivery would be discussed for an additional fee. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. $2,900.

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