Accessing your posted classified ads

To all the people who posted classified ads in Dec. 06, Jan. 07 and later, looking for 6x9 Sigwalt, C&P Pilot Presses, 5x8 Kelseys, and various chases, Ombree Borders, Etc., etc.: Access the site and get my replies and offers. 15/20 weeks go by and I get no response from these people, some in the immediate area. Some ads seem urgent…like “I can’t print without a chase”, yet my replies go unanswered. OPEN YOUR MAIL!!!!Thanks, Stan

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i got to ask! - do you have any 10 x 6 chases available? -

Updated. i am so sorry I accidentally deleted your email!! yes I would like to buy that 6x10 chase. you said $25 plus shipping? I am at 93003. thanks!

Sorry, 6x10 chases are gone…I’ve seen a few on ebay recently. Stan

Do you still have the ombree border ? Thanks-clarence

Clarence: Sorry, Ombree ORNAMENTS are long gone!

Is this the place for such a discussion?