New Rochat Albion Presses

New Presses at second hand prices!! Second hand presses are quite often worn out, damaged, have missing parts and will need an amount of money spent on them, to get them working, so making them difficult to budget for.

Brand new Rochat Albion Presses are for sale NOW! We have currently sold over 20 to Universities, Schools, Private Artists, Co-Operatives and Typographers and they have been greeted with enthusiastic approval in the UK, Europe and Canada.

The Rochat Albion can print 16” x 22” and can take paper of 24” x 18” so it is a fantastic size for the Studio.

Take advantage of the falling GBPound Sterling and ask for a quote today, you WILL be surprised!!

Take a closer look ……visit our website or e-mail us.

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