Scangraphic Digital Type Collection Dr. Boger.

Assuming that the above publication is of Use or Interest to *THE FORUM* generally, as a Very Comprehensive reference work,? how does one have it recorded on/in B.P. Archives as being available as a reference work, or is it already in the B. P. system.?..

The original publication, plus 2 supplements, runs to approx. 1,400 Pages, more than 1,000 Typefaces, all in digital form, but in every example, on every page, (per face) Type Size in m/m, and point size = 4 pt. to 36 Pt.

First Edition, Printed in Germany, 1984.! Can be found on the Web.!

It is Bound in fairly small sections (although over 1,200 pages) the *Gutter,s* are more than 1” wide and could easily be photocopied, by the page, if required/requested without harm to the >Spine< !!!

Not exactly a featherweight item, weighs at least as much as the Title Deeds to Johnny Cash,s *One Piece at a time*

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This is indeed a massive and sumptuous multi-volume specimen book.

I’d guess it’s also quite rare in the U.S., though it can be purchased on the Web for no great price. (Shipping costs from Europe may be another matter.) I recall reading or hearing that there were only two installations of Scangraphic typesetting machines in the U.S. In any case, the only one I ever heard of was at a shop in New York where I once worked—a high-end tech investment that was rendered futile by the advent of desktop technology. The only copies of the book I’ve ever seen were the two I acquired when that equipment was disposed of: it was me or the dumpster.

In the mid-nineties I wrote to Scangraphic asking for a brochure or something with specimens of their faces. They responded by sending me the entire 1990 4th edition, even more massive and sumptuous.

Ken D, Thank You. ….*Massive & Sumptuous* is perhaps a tiny understatement! I (author) would almost go as far as to say that, almost needed a U.S. *Drott* or *Case* or even a U.K. *J.C.B.* mechanical shovel, to transport it Home.

But if I am able, will be more than Happy to quote from and post Photocopies from its contents.

Can-not determine which process it was printed by, but certainly looks good enough to *Shoot* for modern reproduction, Litho,? perhaps, because in virtually every Face, in every size from 4 Pt. to 36 Pt. there is a stock, facsimile of the complete Alphabet, with all of the relevant points, checks out as true, (real time) type sizes.

Implying, as we did, a long time ago, by *lifting* good quality type specimens, for Litho repro, probably superseded by now, by whatever.!!

M.o M. March, 2017.