Chandler and Price 10x15

We have a working antique C&P 10x15, driven by a variable speed electric motor. It’s in pretty incredible condition, considering it’s age - although it’s never been “restored.” It plugs into a regular outlet (not 220), and the motor can let it run as slow as you could possibly need - or much quicker than you can keep up with.

We used to run a small printing business on the side, but no longer have time. Regretfully, we think we should part ways with our beloved C&P - so someone else can put this beautiful machine back to work.

We have a ton of supplies we’re including also:

Rollers (Almost brand new rollers. We recently had new ones made).
Trucks (3 sets)
Ink (VanSon, tons of colors)
California Type Cases (3)
Typeset (a full box of antique type we’ve never used)
Chases (2)
Magnetic Bases (for polymer/steel bases)
Furniture (full set of furniture blocks)

The Press is currently sitting on a standard pallet. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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