Letterpress Type Cabinet

Letterpress Type Cabinet with type for sale $500

Solid, metal type cabinet for sale with 14 Hamilton Type cases full of type and 10 empty ones.
Measurements are
43” height x 35” width x 21.5” depth
Type included:

18pt 20th Century x-bold - 39 e, so not a ton.
Futura medium condensed - lowercase only
12pt Furura oblique bold - lowercase only
16pt Futura medium condensed
18pt Raleigh Cursive - 17 e
8pt Centaur
10pt Centaur
12pt Centaur - two drawers, one without uppercase
14pt Centaur
10pt Arrighi
12pt Arrighi
14pt Arrighi
10pt & 14pt Century medium

Most type has been used but most in really good shape (especially Centaur and Arrighi - some of it never used)
This is a LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY in Olympia, Wa.
Need to downsize to fit in our new, tiny teaching studio.

I’m having trouble trying to attach photos. Will email you photos.

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