Interrobang - Letterpress Event

From April 21-22, Book Arts Collaborative and Tribune Showprint in Madjax will host printers and binders for a festival celebrating the craft and the art of the book. Interrobang will feature speakers, demonstrations, and the release of the Book Arts Collaborative Press artist’s book “Spaces between Places.”

The two-day event will kick off Friday evening with a presentation by Erin Beckloff and Andrew Quinn on their documentary “Pressing On: The Letterpress Film,” followed by the release of the Book Arts Collaborative Press artist’s book. Karl Ahlrichs pairs photography and poetry in “Spaces between Places” to tell a poignant, yet isolating story of travel.
Featured guests include Erin Beckloff, writer and co-director of “Pressing On: The Letterpress Film”; Andrew Quinn, co-founder of Bayonet Media and producer of the film; Celene Aubrey, Associate Director at Hatch Show Print; Scott Moore, founder of Moore Wood Type; Katherine and Howard Clark, founders of TwinRocker Paper; and Karen Vincent, Director of Collections at Minnetrista in Muncie.
For full schedule and more information, visit the Book Arts Collaborative website.

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