Chandler & Price New Style 8x12

Chandler & Price New Style 8x12. I purchased this press about 5 years ago and stored it with plans to eventually make space for it in a larger shop. I never got around to making that extra space and soon I’ll be moving and simply won’t have the space for it at all. I bought it from a dear friend who used it frequently and also offered it up for my own printing from time to time. It has a motor and runs well. It comes with 3 rollers and working trucks, and while the rollers were not new at the time of purchase, they have been properly stored and are expected to still be in working condition. Pictures are from when I purchased the press, it has been partially disassembled for storage and moving safety. I am happy to provide pictures of it’s current location. Local pickup only, press is sitting on wood runners on a concrete floor in a ground level garage for easy removal. Please feel free to ask any questions!

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P1070757 copy.jpg