8x10 C&P Old Style

Selling my 8x10 C&P letterpress with variable speed motor. It’s an old style with a chase size of 8x10. It has new feed boards, 3 rubber rollers that are printing well. It has been in service at a local print shop for the past 3 years, it prints well with good registration. It’s been a great press, I just have a larger Craftsman that is now my go-to press. It was built in 1898, but is in great shape for it’s age. Includes 6x9 Boxcar base. $1,900.

Buyer responsible for moving. Easy assess floor-level garage.

Weight: 1,300lbs

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image: IMG_7769 small.jpeg

IMG_7769 small.jpeg

image: IMG_7770 small.jpeg

IMG_7770 small.jpeg