4 Ludlow Matrix Cabinets

Four Ludlow Matrix Cabinets with most drawers loaded with complete brass font matrices too numerous to list here. Let’s just say they include “all of the usual suspects” needed to start a rubber stamp shop in the 50’s or 60’s. The drawers are not loaded with cast Ludlow lead type, but rather the Ludlow mats matrices used to form the lead type used to make mats for rubber stamp printing. Included are many interesting looking design logotypes also.

Willing to sell either with or without delivery in our 14’ box truck (US DOT 2726187 MC 923471).

Price: $2,000.00 for all four loaded matrix cabinets or $750.00 for each + $1.75 mile (LTL Standard … We load, Shipper unloads)

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image: Ludlow Matrix Cabinets1.jpg

Ludlow Matrix Cabinets1.jpg

image: Ludlow Matrix Cabinets2.jpg

Ludlow Matrix Cabinets2.jpg

image: Ludlow Matrix Cabinet Tag.jpg

Ludlow Matrix Cabinet Tag.jpg