10x15 C&P Letterpress NorCal

My pet restoration project has been collecting dust for a few years and needs to be adopted. Will consider all reasonable offers.

- She is a Naval Veteran, circa 1929/1930
- Is set up for electric variable speed but also has treadle
- Needs ink disk ground down to restore (took a maintenance class at SF Center for the Book and never started the project)
- Minor damage to delivery board bracket, does not impact function of new delivery board
- Missing feed board (does not impact functionality)
- On skids for moving (VERY HEAVY item)
- Has been in storage for 2 years but rollers were purchased new and still in their wrapping.

Buyer is responsible for safely moving item. I recommend using piano movers or specialty large-item movers due to weight of just over 1000lbs.

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image: BDB20ED6-E559-4497-A041-7E46E1793930.jpg