Trouble Feeding Envelopes

Hi - I have printed some DL size envelopes on my Heidelberg 10 x 15 platen - they pick up and feed on the long edge without any problems. However I have another job to print which I need to run the same envelopes on the short edge (to use the guides on the press). I can’t get these envelopes to pick up at all. I have altered every setting I know of and even disassembled the suction bar, and cleaned all filters. I am running on 3 rubber suckers and the same set up will pick up a sheet of 600gsm board. Any help greatly appreciated.

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I’ve run a lot of #10’s here in the states…not sure what size a DL is but it looks similar. I ran into a similar problem from time to time. Several solutions: Run a shorter stack, say 50-100 at a time. Use a Christmas tree (the tag attachment) if you have it. Good discussion on how to use it here near the end of the post. Whittenburg has them-get one. If the envelopes are bent try straightening them so they are flat. Use a wedge in the pile to make your stack flat, but don’t forget its there-pull it out before it slides forward. Open the flaps for the run-which we did regularly, it made the makeready so much easier. One or more of these ideas should work, and you won’t need the rubber suckers.

image: Part - briar 1.JPG

Part - briar 1.JPG

Thanks for that, believe it or not I just turned the envelopes round through 180 degrees and they feed no problem what so ever…
I did try removing the suckers and it wouldn’t feed them. I have attached a jpeg of them feeding and you will see that I have a little sprung loaded feed board which keeps them flat, but turn them round and they won’t go.
Nice to see them flying through now…
Thanks again



thats great, so thats gripping along the left edge right reading?

Thats right, unbelievable that it should make any difference - but it does…