Pearl #1 ?

About a year ago I found and rescued a small pearl floor model press. It had a rough life with several repaired breaks.
We oiled it up and it ran great so I brought it home.
It has a 5x7 chase, treadle and flywheel, cast iron stand,
And Appears to have the serial no. 2. That is stamped on the top of the bed at the base of the ink disc and also on the center edge of the platen.
Can anyone tell me the age of this press?
And where can I find parts information?
Also I will eventually need rollers and shafts.
There is on shaft with it but obviously the roller is shot.
Thanks for any information you can share.


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Try checking out this page:

There are photos of a restored Pearl #1; you can compare yours or email the gentleman who runs the site for some help. He helped me identify my Pearl #2.

Good luck!