Heidelberg Windmill 10x15

Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 ‘black ball’ press for sale. $3000 for press plus the accessories and parts listed below.

I purchased this about two years ago with hopes of starting a letterpress business, but my other creative business has taken over my time, so it’s just sitting unused. I used it for two printing jobs so I know that it works.

Comes with:
8x12 Boxcar Base (purchased new, only used twice)
Full set of wooden furniture (in a tabletop case)
A variety of unopened rubber inks
Ink knife
Tympan paper (25 sheets)
Die-cutting jacket
Various die-cutting dies from the former owner (they made parking permits, hang tags, etc).
Rollers are included but are showing wear, and will work for learning how to use the press, but should be replaced in the future.

Comes with a 3-phase electric motor, but I had purchased and had a local electrician install a Phase-O-Matic phase convertor so it can run off standard power. Will include the phase convertor with the sale. A local electrician should be able to set it up for you for a minimal expense.

The press is in working condition and was when I acquired it. I cleaned it up quite a bit, though there are a few parts that need replacing that don’t affect running the machine. The ink reservoir was caked with dried ink, so it is not usable. You can run jobs without it though. The Bowden cable for the safety shutoff arm is included but needs to be installed for the shutoff arm to work properly. The machine can operate without this feature. One of the clamps for holding on the tympan paper on the platen is chipped and should be replaced at some point, but you can still secure the paper and run jobs.

Asking price for Heidelberg Windmill plus the above listed accessories and parts is $3000. Open to reasonable offers.

The machine is located in a ground level garage in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It is mounted on a skid/pallet which will make moving slightly easier, but these machines are a bear to move regardless. Buyer is responsible for arranging help and transportation for moving it. A fork lift and flat bed or box truck would be ideal for moving the press.

I also have a 26” Challenge Hydraulic Paper Cutter for sale for $1200. It runs off of single phase 220v power. Also on a skid/pallet for moving. Will give a discount if purchased together.

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image: Windmill