Scared of Adobe, but not metal?- not so much…

Hi! I am a “newbie,” and not good in any sense with Adobe or computers in general. I have collected several metal bits/ornaments and the like- a few types…I am curious if one is able to take a metal ornament and have it converted to a polymer plate? And wondering, too, is there much of a benefit to using polymer over metal?

Many thanks!


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Print the metal (cut) ornament, scan it and sent to get polymer made.

Oh, wow…that easy…thanks!

Polymer is slightly easier to print from because is has a small degree of “squash” built in. It also gives slightly better results on textured surfaces. Make-ready for polymer is slightly more forgiving than metal.

Having said all that, most letterpress is about metal type and excellent results are achievable using traditional materials, but polymer is often easier for beginners to get good results.