A new use for an old Font

I was always fascinated with how much thought and design effort went in to the creation of the AT&T’s Bell Font Family by Matthew Carter.
While designing the mobile version of my website I figured I will give it a try, see how it looks. I know that the font would look different when printed, but I found it interesting to use it as a web font for the small screen mobile devices. The application environment is similar to the original phone book application; let your finger do the walking … now on the Retina display!

So, the background is Lettra-PW,
all the 1978 Bell Font Family is there;
Bell Centennial Bold Listing,
Bell Centennial Name and Number,
Bell Centennial Address,
Bell Centennial Sub Caption,
at the bottom of the page the hit-counter font is:
Crash Numbering Roman by Philip Krayna .

My small contribution to preserving old typefaces. For now in digital format, but I do plan to print with Bell Fonts too:


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LOL … you are welcome Theo, it was for AT&T’s Bell, but I am sure that you are well worth preserving too!

something else,

an interesting application:
Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear


This app did not like my “English as Second Language” style write-up on my mobile website! I am editing !