Thank you

Thank you, for inclusion to the Briar Press collective.
We at the Dardanup Heritage Park Print Shop are reasonably isolated at Dardanup, in WA, being part of a world-renowned collection of vintage machinery, that’s made this State to what it is, for the last 120 years.
The Model 48 Linotype we operate is the only Linotype being used in WA.
If you’re visiting WA in the future, please do look us up and visit us … you definitely will be pleased you did!

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FYI, WA = Washington to anyone in North America ;)

Thanks for the clarification. For some reason I took it to mean Western Australia!

A quick google shows Dardanup is in Western Australia—which is good, because I know of more than one working Linotype in Washington State (US).

Must admit, I see no reason at all why there needed to be any clarification in this instance. Presumably if it had been referring to a Dardanup in Washington rather than Western Australia it would have read “Dardanup, WA USA”… wouldn’t it?

It’s common courtesy really that each of us tries to remember we have an international readership here. It’s especially confusing for those of us based in Britain where nearly every town in the country has an equivalent in the USA - the momentary excitement of seeing a piece of longed-for equipment for sale in Boston is overwhelmed by the sadness felt upon realising it’s not in fact just a few miles away in Lincolnshire but 3,000 miles over the sea!