Hamilton Type Cabinet

Hamilton Type Cabinet full of various metal type.

It’s a 20 drawer chest, about 4.5ft tall. The cabinet itself is in okay shape, but has a bit of wear and is wobbly due to age. The outside has been repainted (same color) since the photo was taken.

Every drawer has type in it..all smaller point sizes and mostly sans-serif. Unfortunately, it is not organized. Each tray contains a certain font/size, but the individual letters are not sorted to the tray layout. The type is in great shape, just a bit dirty from sitting unused for probably 30 years.

Asking $600 or Best Offer. Pick up only. It’s a heavy piece with all the type and I have no easy way to transport.

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image: 1888587_10153886641270593_1613231353_n.jpg


image: 1510728_10153886641170593_725545403_n.jpg