Type Identification - Italic Metal Type

Hello everyone! I’m hoping to identify some metal type that came with my type cabinet. I looked for a pin mark and did not seem to find one. I also checked my sole type specimen book (1950’s ATF book) and it did not include this face. Someday I’ll have more specimen books!

10 pt
Came with a few alternative characters (cap R alternates pictured here)

Thanks for the help!

image: Type_Identification.jpg


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Rivoli Italic. According to McGrew it was designed in 1928 by Willard T. Snifflin for ATF. I have a small font of 24 pt. that is on a sloped body but I have no alternative characters. Is your 10 pt. on a sloped body?
—Bob M.

Thanks Bob! Mine is not on a sloped body. I’ll have to take some photos when I’m back in the shop tomorrow. This had two typefaces in the same case so I didn’t realize this was even in there until about 8 months ago. It’s a nice face—I like the diminutive lowercase.