Meghan Hopkins Sokorai 

And Here We Are

And Here We Are is the design and letterpress studio of Meghan Hopkins Sokorai, who specializes in modern hand-lettered and illustrated prints and stationery. We started in Brooklyn in 2012 and relocated to Columbus, Oh in 2015. Our mission is to make ‘cards and prints and things’ that are beautiful but not precious; irreverent but not campy.

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On behalf of the few from the U.K. Chapter, of the B.P. movement *Welcome*


One tiny suggestion which may help Your Quest and Aims.! and possibly without a metaphoric >Shop Window< but possibly with access to one of the social media sites, (whatever they are??) post just one or two examples of Your output to date, including Your stated - Beautiful but not Precious, and one or two, as You say Quirky etc., BUT all with the discreet *Imprint* on the bottom, i.e. Who, What, Where, Contact! etc.??

In our Museum Print Shop, there is a Gallery of printed items, all with reference No.s, for the public to purchase (all printed within the Shop, from Blocks, Plates, Cuts, Type, etc., etc.,) but of course with the Museum,s imprint and details, and reference No.s.
Seems to pay dividends, (hopefully because of the Imprints,??) Siblings of the Children that printed their names last visit, ask for Action Replay, Parents ditto with Bookmarks on the Common press, Adults for Memo Pads, Perpetual calendars, Shopping Lists, etc., etc.
The suggestion would be, (perhaps unpalatable initially) a small percentage of output as - Loss Leaders - BUT of course with the appropriate IMPRINT, if it is good enough for Wall Mart, etc. Save the I S B N number for later. ! ?.

Good Luck.