Heidelberg Press & Challenge Advance paper cutter

Hi everyone,
I have a Heidelberg Press and Challenge Advance paper cutter with two additional blades as well as two cabinets of type available for sale
I have brand new rollers for the press, cans of ink, a boxcar base, etc, etc.. Basically I have an entire shop for sale.
I had every intention to continue to use the press but unfortunately I don’t have the time anymore and I hate seeing my shop sit idle while I know many of you out there are looking to get into the trade.
You can email me with questions and I can send additional photos.
However, I only have one request. Please email me if you are serious about it. I’m flexible a bit with pricing but please note that you are looking at over $4,000.00 worth of equipment.
I would like to sale the entire shop but I can also consider a price per item deal.

The press and the cutter are sitting on pallets in a very accessible area.


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