Craftsman 14-1/2x22 Chandler & Price Platen Press in Idaho

My Craftsman 14-1/2 x 22 Chandler & Price press is for sale.
In production until the mid 1960s, this was the largest platen press manufactured by C&P and was widely used for die cutting, perforating, scoring, heat foiling, and embossing, as well as letterpress. It was recently rebuilt and is in good working condition. Includes 3 new rollers still in box in excellent shape, and 1 chase. I also have boxes of type and furniture that I am selling with the press. If interested I can send you photos. It is mounted on wheels for easy transportation. Local pick-up only. The press is housed in a garage on ground level with an overhead door, so moving it out won’t be an issue. I’m asking $4000.00.

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