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Hi All,

Just to let you know what’s been happening on Metal Type recently.

The upgrade is now more or less finished. I’ve added a few finishing touches recently to try and make the site truly unique. Although the site looked good previously, it looked very similar to a lot of other sites. So I’ve changed the typography. Body text is now Libre Baskerville with headings in Playfair Display.

I’ve added a Google translate button for people who would like to see the site in their language.

The site is a little short on videos, so if you have a video of your best press running, or anything print related, please consider sending it in. I will provide a link to your website in return.

I’ve managed to get Dave Bowles old union cards back on the site. From 1946 to the 1990s, a brilliant typographical look back through the ages; British Print Union Cards

The Free Ads section is proving to be very popular. Feel free to place an ad, I can set your ad not to expire if you are advertising a business.

All the Best

Dave Hughes

Metal Type

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