Roller bearing problems, Challenge MP-15

I’m having major issues, and of course I’m on a crazy deadline. The split rings keep popping off of the rollers. So basically while moving they end up coming loose within the bearing causing major inking issues. This started happening once we removed them to have the rollers recovered. Did we not put them back together properly? We think the ends may be tapped where we could use a screw instead of a split ring. Are the rollers moving from side to side too much? Any feedback is greatly appreciated. At this point I just want to be able to get through this custom job.

image: IMG_1735.JPG


image: IMG_1737.JPG


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If you’re referring to the plastic Nyliners, I believe they should be inserted from the opposite side of the bearing blocks, and the screw that threads into the end of the form roller will keep them from coming out.

If you have lateral play on the cores you can add a shaft collar, available at most hardware stores. Set it 0.010” from the Nyliner or blocking block.

Shaft collar image for reference subtext:

image: ShaftCollar_IMG_9673.jpg