Hohner Rapid II platen press

The Hohner is very precise and reliable for printing small to medium editions. This is a safe and gentle press, motor driven with hand feeding and an efficient safety-stop panel. The Hohner is made for printing with light pressure, so not suitable for very deep impression - the “pressure on” handle automatically disengages with very high pressure. We were using the Hohner to print all of our photopolymer print jobs until we replaced it with a Korrex Nürnberg and a Heidelberg Windmill. The Hohner is still working well but we are selling it to make space in our small workshop. Great press for learning on and for small business. It can handle multiple-colour printing very nicely.

Complete with chase and 8 rollers. This press was fully restored by Top Graphic LTD (Tallinn, Estonia) before we bought it in 2013. Since then, over time, one small piece inside the oscillating metal roller began to wear down so we had a replacement cast, which makes this roller usable again (see attached photos). However, the piece is not a perfect fit and may need replacing in the future. For most jobs, it is possible to print well without this roller, and we often printed using only the large, in-built metal roller and the three rubber inking rollers.

Maximum printing format: 28 x 39cm.
Platen size: 30 x 43cm.
Weight: ~800kg.
Year: 1969.

Current location: Tallinn, Estonia

Price: Please phone or send a message to make an offer.

- Nestor

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