C&P Craftsman parts, electric motors

C&P parts, Electric motors

These parts are some of the last bits from the shop of the late John Jenkins in Fort Collins CO. Asking $175 for all (the 1HP variable speed Kimball alone is worth that to some folks).

Parts removed from a scrapped 12x18 C&P Craftsman: Ink disc, brake, throw-off lever, treadle. Chase may be from a different press. Also a spare 44” knife blade - cutter unknown. Three 1HP electric motors, single phase, 120/240. One of the motors is a variable speed Kimball, and it runs. Other motors have not been tested. (We can even throw in some 19-1/2” rollers, and most of a Miller Feeder if you’re so inclined).

Available for pickup in Fort Collins CO.

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image: CnP_parts.png


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