Backer boards for prints?

Hello, friends :)

I am searching for a stock that is sturdy and preferably acid-free to use for backer boards with bagged prints. Can anybody recommend something ECONOMICAL and/or a supplier that doesn’t require huge amounts? Parent sheets or precut would work. I’m starting out with 8x10s and will probably add a bigger size later.

Do those of you that package prints in this way usually use acid-free boards? That is my instinct of course but is that common practice?

Thank you all so much!

Carrie Valenzuela
Syracuse, NY - so glad the heat wave over here has broken!

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Hi Carrie!
I use the cheapo backing boards from, mostly because I also order my bags from there. Their economy ones are not acid free as far as I know but they do also offer pre-cut Bainbridge and other boards that are. I don’t expect people to leave them in the bags indefinitely (although I’m sure some do. ) for my more pricy fine art prints I use photo corners on a larger board, for the smaller posters I use the same size as the print.

cheap card but sprayed with a silicone spray? or cheap card with acid free tissue facing? Offer to mount with acid free mount board?

Thanks very much, Val and Jonathan! I had another idea too. I could check at a local frame shop and see if they’ll sell or give me their scrap pieces on the cheap.

Some frame shops will sell stacks of the middle cut out from frame jobs. These aren’t much use to them so they will sell a stack of mat board for not too much money. They are usually bevelled edges, but that isn’t a big deal.