Huge Masterprinter Sign Printing Press

For sale is a Masterprinter Signpress Printing Press. The roller will need to be recovered, but everything else is in very good condition and works well (the grippers with foot pedal, roller rolls smoothly, knob adjusts height of roller).

Maximum print size is about 30” x 43”, so this is a very large press — you don’t find one of these very often! It is heavy. The top (bed) can be removed from the base to transport. We moved it in with 4 strong people. It is located in northeastern Wisconsin about 1 hour from The Hamilton Wood Type Museum. You will need to move it out of the first floor of a house — out the front door and down 3 porch steps.

Please see photos and email with questions. I can send more photos upon request. Price is $2995,00 obo.

letter press, printer’s press, sign press, proof press, showcard press

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