Golding Jobber 1886 8x12

1886 Golding Jobber No. 7 10x15 Treadle press. Mechanical sound. I was going to restore and add a motor but I just moved into my recently built shop and just don’t have the time (or space)to complete it. Comes with 3 rollers/trucks, furniture cabinet, quoins, steel rule and other miscellaneous items. Pretty much a starter pack. It is missing the original nameplate and ink fountain. I have more pictures.
Already on a skid and ready for shipping. I can arrange shipping or possibly deliver and install in CA. $1000 OBO

Here is a brief description from Letterpress Commons…

The Jobber No. 7 has a chase size of 10″ x 15″ and many features for the professional printer. One of the more unusual features (found on all Jobbers) was the platen adjusting system. It worked on a system of wedges rather than the impression bolts found on most presses. The system allows the pressman to move the top or bottom of the platen in or out by simply turning one of two thumb screws.
William Golding of Boston set up shop as a printer’s supply house in 1869 and soon graduated to the manufacture of seals, then small amateur presses, and finally full-sized jobbing presses. Golding first manufactured his Jobber in 1880, eleven years after he introduced the simpler, popular Pearl press (see Pearl OS No.1). The Jobber was, from the start, a heavy-duty trade press. The Official and the Pearl, introduced as presses for amateurs, began themselves to evolve beyond the reach of the amateur. Evidently Golding found that selling to the conventional printing trade was more profitable than selling to amateurs; from the 1880s he began to forswear his earlier amateur connections. Nevertheless, he continued to advertise do-your-own-printing outfits. After Golding’s death, his company was sold to the American Type Founders Company, and later to the Thomson National Press Company. Len Carrick writes, “”I ran the serial numbers, and found that this press left the factory on May 6, 1888. It has been in my family since 1914.

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