Ink disc attachment for Golding No. 6

I’ve recently acquired a Golding No. 6 (circa 1906-ish) that is missing its ink disc attachment but is otherwise in beautiful condition. Any leads on where I might find the part that will make this press whole again will be greatly appreciated! (I’ve uploaded either four of the same picture of the press or none, can’t tell which. In any case, if someone in a position to help wants to see a picture I’d be happy to email it to you.)

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I’d start by taking a look through this diagram and parts list ( and to see if you can narrow down exactly which part you need. (Your photos didn’t upload, unfortunately, so I can’t tell.)

Then I’d reach out to John Falstrom ( to see if he could point you in the right direction. He’s very knowledgeable when it comes to Golding presses. Depending on the part, you might be able to have it fabricated. I recently had much success with Paul at Bindery Tools (, who made me a new G-shaped treadle for my own No. 6, which I’m preparing to restore. It might be worth sending him an email to see if he can help you out, too.

Also, back in July, Andrew Churchman of told me he had parts for the No. 6, but didn’t detail which parts he had. (He did not have treadles, though, in case you need one of those as well.)

Hope that helps!

Thanks, Amanda! This is all most helpful. Looks like the errant part is No. 221, the Standard and Disk Bracket.

I asked John Barrett of Letterpress Things for his recommendation of available Golding resources and he also suggested John Falstrom. I promptly wrote John F. an email but am still awaiting a response. I went through his website, might have got lost in the digital ether. Maybe this thread will catch his eye?

In the meantime I’ll look up Andrew Churchman. Fortunately the press came with the original G treadle. The press was very responsibly neglected for about twenty years in a cocoon of industrial plastic wrap, so it really only needs the disk bracket (and recovered rollers) to get on with the job.

Thanks again for your helpful response!




Have you found the missing part? recently a found a same era Golding No. 6 with the same part missing!!!!