Experiences with Dry Ice or Soda Blasting?

Has anyone here actually done Dry Ice or Soda Blasting on a press?

If so, please tell me about the experience and the results. I’m considering using it on an old Gordon press I have that has been out of use for a long time.

It may see light use, but it is going into a retail space primarily as a show piece and I want it to look a bit more presentable.

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I have had 5 or 6 presses & papercutters sodablasted.
I had the pieces full disassembled beforehand.
Fantastic results. Soda will remove only the dried ink and paint.
The paper cutter bed came out absolutely pristine.
Whereas sand blasting removes a layer of metal and leaves a very rough surface
The pieces end up looking like they came right out of the cast,
Ready for Primer.
I had the person come to my location with a portable unit so I did not have to haul it anywhere.
As I remember he charged $200.00/hour and I had a Golding Pearl #3 and Reliance cutter finished in about 70 minutes
The process can create a large cloud of soda.
Ideally it should be done in a large open area. A windy day would help also.
Look around my blog and you will find some of the finished equipment.

Thanks! It works well on surface rust?

Finding people to do this has been harder than expected.