Chandler & Price 10x15 new style + supplies - $2000

Selling a C&P 10x15 new style press.

The press is in good condition, hasn’t been used in a few years, but has been stored in a dry garage.

It has a motor that works, and is controlled by a Press-o-matic lever. It probably needs a new belt because the cloth one I have is looking a little ragged and tends to walk off the flywheel. New belts are easy to come by online.

I replaced the rollers when I purchased the press with new ones from NA Graphics and they still appear to be in good condition (are not cracked or deteriorating) but I haven’t printed for a while so I can’t comment on how they’ve held up.

Included supplies:

-7 full cans of rubber based ink, including black, warm red, rubine red, yellow, reflex blue, process blue, transparent white (mixing white)
-Cleaning supplies: Bestine and Colorlok Rubber Rejuvenator
-Oil can for oiling the press.
-Stack of tympan paper and chipboard
-Quoins and key
-Gauge pins

The press is on skids and is in a ground-level garage with no stairs or doorways to navigate. It was very easy to move in with a pallet jack!

I would recommend having a truck with a reliable heavy-duty lift gate capable of supporting at least 2,000 pounds (not a U-Haul) or a very low trailer with a very low ramp capable of supporting that much weight.

Local pickup in Seattle only, no shipping or crating unless you coordinate it yourself. Upfront cash payment before loading onto your vehicle. Buyer is responsible for any damage to the press during loading or transport.

I am also selling a 34” Challenge paper trimmer. I would be happy to sell both the press and the trimmer together, or separate it. Price for both would be $2,200.

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