Windmill gripper too close


I’m a french letterpress printer. I have a problem with registry ( horizontal) probably because of my gripper too close to the tympan. One month ago, i hit accidentally but strongly the gripper holder with the chase by catching it. (damned :-(((

I read that it was necessary to be able to pass 6 points furniture between the grippers and the marble - I am hardly halfway !

In your opinion, could the grippers support have been able to move? Could a shim under the grippers be enough to raise as much gap?

Thanks a lot.

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I have shimmed my arms to avoid hitting my counter for embossing. There are two screws/nuts for each arm. (The gripper must be opened to access the inner screw head.)
After loosening I had to give a forceful wiggle.

I’ve cut plate material to shim the outer edge to raise the arm; 4~8 pieces. At first I cut the shims to a U shape to fit around the bolt. In a hurry a small set of shims inserted up to and against the bolt works just as well.

In addition to the shims we have created a wedge at the top of the platen forcing the arms up. 4 pieces of chipboard, 1.5 inches (37mm(?)) wide, varying lengths. The longest almost the length of the platen, the others shorter to create a wedge. (The shortest being half the platen length.) They are held to the top of the platen with sealing tape. Wrapping the tape over the platen might take some smudge/oil/grease removal.

Thanks pdan ! Have you a photo of the wedge of chipboard on your platen ?

The *Web* & Briar Press are well blessed with references to and about Heidelberg Platen issues, regarding gripper(s) too close for comfort to the Tympan.?

Mostly - Bum Steers - about packing one or both (grippers) with everything from toilet paper upwards.

As You have implied that an accident was involved,! Try trawling the many many back posts, and probably work out that the main Hub/.Boss that carries the gripper arms/fingers is MALLEABLE, by design and CAN be re-jigged/corrected back to factory specs.

Unfortunately and usually, only via specialist Engineer(s) and with purpose made equipment.


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