C&P 10x15 parts

I have a new style 10x15 C&P that I purchased last spring, that unfortunately looks like is turning out to be a parts press. Is there an interest in and need for parts? I haven’t done this before, so I’m hoping for advice.

I didn’t pay high dollar for the press, so I’m just hoping to recover my costs to put toward a functioning press.

Thank you :)

image: 46C76FC1-2542-4B64-AC9A-8426131A0F60.jpeg


image: 13E596F0-7C61-4E13-8D61-5E9E3F9E0AA7.jpeg


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What, precisely, is wrong with it? Major cracks, loose bearings? Shame to part out a press unless it’s really knackered.

It has a few cracks and welds, a broken roller saddle, and the throw off lever isn’t working well despite much tinkering, but primarily the gripper cam is busted. I’ve been struggling to track down parts for about a year, and found a cam on a old style 10x15 parts press during the APA wayzgoose at the International Print Museum this summer, but Mark said there would be EXTREME difficulty in removing that part since the platen would have to come off. I was a bit heartbroken, but learned of another press in the last two weeks that I’ll get this week. So I’m looking to sell this one, either whole or in parts — whichever gets more interest. In tact would definitely be easier!

What area of the country is the press located, and what do you need to recoup your cost,

I’m located in Arizona, where presses seem to be far more scarce than other areas of the country. I paid $600 for the press (which doesn’t include moving costs).

I am in Kansas City, thanks but you are to far for me.