DeLittle Art Sans

I recently brought an incomplete 8 line of DeLittle’s Art Sans - it’s a bit like Gill but with a few quirks of it’s own.

I’d like to get the missing letters laser cut and wondered if anyone can supply me a press proof of their Art Sans so I get my missing letters replaced?

I have a specimen sheet of Art Sans but alas does not include all the letters.

Thanks in advance.

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You will have to let us know exactly which characters you are missing. Almost ALL old specimen books deliberately failed to show a complete alphabet (or set of characters) to keep other manufacturers from pirating their designs. However, different specimens from different issues of their catalogs can often provide many of the missing characters when samples were reset.That being said, you may never possibly find an X or Z for example and may have to do some creative drawing to come up with something compatible.

Font size should not matter since you can enlarge or reduce to the proper size since the original characters were all cut on a pantograph from a master pattern.


Thanks Rick for your reply - The missing letters are:

Capitals: A, K, L, Q, V, X, Y, Z

Lowercase: g, j, p, q, y, z

Numbers etc: 4, ?, &

I have a DeLittle catalog, but mine to early to have a showing of Art Sans.