Height of Heidelberg “windmill”

I am going to pick up an old Heidelberg “windmill” press, and am looking for information about the height of the press. In old manuals I have found the total height including the spraying aparatus, which is not installed on this press…

Does anybody know the height of the press itself (as shown in the attached picture) ?
Is it possible / easy to remove the “Original Heidelberg” protection plate to reduce the shipping height of the press ?

Kind regards, Ketil

image: 26172580_10213442848138694_2948458831742329192_o.jpg


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I do not know the official height.. but yes, the name plate is just attached with two screws that you can see in this picture, under the word Heidelberg. Should be easy enough to remove! :)

Thanks, AnnieW. I was thinking about removing the entire protection plate assembli, including the mounting rod/tube.
Removing just the name plate will not reduce height very much :-(

The press is 53” with the original Heidelberg plate is 60”

You can take off the plate and shaft that holds the plate by taking out a pin and screws and the handle

Thanks, Jes. That is very useful info for getting the transport sorted out.
The press, including the “Original Heidelberg” plate, will probably be just a little bit too high when put on a pallet and loaded on a trailer. By removing the plate or complete guard assembly, it should be well below the height limit :-)

On many Windmills, the guard plate is riveted on and plated with the bar attached. If the plate is held on by screws, it’s because somebody was probably leaning on it, to the point that the plate cracked or pulled off the rivets.

I picked up this press on Saturday.
The guard plate was, as Mike points out, riveted on (with brass/bronze rivets). The coned pin for the shaft collar was seized, so I ended up unbolting the entire guard plate / side board assembly.

image: 28277058_1339054662861787_8562653153162645331_n.jpg