Lith-o-roll Rollers ry-3202-lb/mb

I have 4 rollers, 2 different sizes I think (one box is missing a label).their designation is “ink form roller” ry-3202-lb(x2) and ry-3202-mb (x1) and an unknown one although I suspect It to be a second “ry-3202-mb.
They are brand new in the box. The boxes have all been opened but the original packing material is present.
I own a 1906 c&p 10x15 floor model letterpress, and a poco proof press model 0. I wouldn’t even begin to know how to use these rollers for my applications.
I would appreciate ideas on how to use these to make large brayers, trade offers for press equipment (PAPER AND TYPE! LOL) or ill just sell all 4 for $150 obo, which seems like a deal based on my short time looking into what these are going for.
Email me if youre interested or can help.
Thanks for reading!

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