Unusual Cuts

Hello Friends,
I was asked to produce a piece of ephemera for 3 local chefs heading to a big event (James Beard house in NYC). Their goal is to highlight San Antonio’s deep and broad culinary history, based in Indigenous, Spanish, Mexican and German culinary history. They saw cuts from other pieces and loved them. They would like some very specific images. We all know we love the vintage images (better than me drawing them, IMO). Despite living in S Texas, I only have cuts of steaks and well, I’ll leave that for now. Here is the list of cuts I am hoping to find. I have some fish, a deer, an ugly strawberry… If you would be willing to print a sample and send me a decent scan, I would be most grateful.
nopal, fresh corn, dried corn, pumpkin, beans, ixiote, Potato, Chile seca, Chile pequin
strawberry, blackberries, pecans, grapefruit, prickly pear, Agarita berry,
hominy, enchilada
A reboso? mesquite beans, purslane
Cabrito al palo (on a spit), Bison, Pork, Barbacoa (beef wrapped in agave penca), lamb, quail, crayfish, rabbit, venison, fish
tortilla press, metate, molcajete,
Bee or honey, lavender, oxalis clover, wheat, Guajillo shrub, cochineal, Fire symbol?

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