Boxcars, tympan and letterpress supplies

Furniture holder - $15, local pick up only for this
35” long x14”deep x 8.5” high

ink scale AC Pro - $5

Polymer Backing 2 rolls - 18” and 17” half used - $50 for both rolls

Plunger Can - yellow 1/2 gallon - $25
used for rubbing alcohol

Plunger can red 1 pint $25

washout brush $18

Caliper $10

150 rags - $30

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image: ink-scale.jpg


image: polymer backing 1.JPG

polymer backing 1.JPG

image: polymer backing.JPG

polymer backing.JPG

image: furniture holder 2.JPG

furniture holder 2.JPG

image: plunger can half gallon.JPG

plunger can half gallon.JPG

image: plunger can half gallon 2.JPG

plunger can half gallon 2.JPG

image: IMG_8352.JPG


image: washout brush 30.JPG

washout brush 30.JPG

image: caliper 16.JPG

caliper 16.JPG

image: plunger can pint 1.JPG

plunger can pint 1.JPG