Challenge Champion Cutter with MicroCut Jr.

I have a Challenge Champion Guillotine Cutter with a MicroCut Jr. attachment on it I purchased as part of a larger ‘all or nothing’ deal that I do not need or have the electrical hook up for. The cutter was purchased in good working order and has been in a climate and humidity controlled space since my taking of it, so I’m assuming it still works perfectly. There is some slight rust pitting from previous owner on the flat bed, but will not interfere with cutting.

The cut width is about 30” and I have several extra blades for it as well.

This piece is ALREADY ON A PALLET! I have a jack and a garage bay door that can be opened to move it out onto the sidewalk, but that’s about it. You will need to have a large flat bed truck that this can be wheeled onto, up and out. I cannot ship or deliver this - you must pick up or arrange a pick up service.

I’m was originally asking $5000 OBO- Willing to Negotiate Price Down. Again it is already on a pallet too so it can be easily picked up. Happy to refer a wonderful moving company as well!

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